Into the cradle…

October 11, 2006

Why did I write this?
Just for two simple reasons –
Firstly, I overheard that the word “elite” gets associated with you as soon as you start writing a blog. So, in order to scramble inside this cool category, I too decided to poke my nose, for I too wanted to flatter myself for being a part of this elite thing.
Secondly, and definitely the more profound reason – it is FREE (Yes, I am one of those typical Indians, who in spite of having sore throat and even with a bit of aversion for strawberry flavor, still stand in long queues outside Bangalore Central to collect cups of the same flavored ice creams, and that too more than once, for it was distributed FREE under some promotional offer. And lets not talk of the next day visit to the ENT specialist where they end up spending three hundred bucks for the medicines and consultation)

With a bit of enlightenment from some of the regulars, I was made aware of the fact that people use blogs to express their inner self. But still, why would I write one? For I was pretty sure that there are only handful of things I am good at, and writing crap is definitely one of them. Therefore, a bit reluctant initially though, I vetoed such thoughts with my sadistic senses, for blogging could become a perfect platform to torture my folks.

So here I am (Nah, not in style of Bryan Adams song), writing my first blog, and getting prepared to face those brickbats (only if someone reads it though). I’ll be at your dispense, so feel free to curse me anytime. I am neither a budding writer, who in spite of all his efforts, fails to find a publisher and gets lost in the obscurity. Nor am I an aspiring writer, still in reverie, trying to chase his tantalizing dreams, only to realize that they are ever elusive. I am just another so-called techie, or a cyber coolie to be precise (there isn’t a better term to define people like me) who gets paid for writing sheer crappy software stuff, most of which is either obsolete or notoriously buggy. But, at times, we are a revered lot and are euphemistically termed as “knowledge workers”. In retrospect though, it seems quite preposterous. Isn’t it?

However, even with such pseudo titles being bestowed on us, you’ll not find any techno stuff here. And except for the really humorous ones, no technical discussion or other software related gyan will rule the roost here. In other words – “Lets write what we enjoy.”