Final countdown Part 2

This post is in continuation to one of my previous post.

Manoj Kumar has one more fan. The workouts suggested by this great son of Bharat mata have finally paid off. I have scrambled inside this cool category and somehow managed to run (oh really? Ok, 70% run, 30% walk) my first 10k marathon successfully on Sunday. The inspiration behind this run was there as well and she cheered me when I touched the finishing line. Well, the last sentence was a lie 😉

We waited outside the stairs of the main entrance in the Kanteerva stadium to run along with her. She came, she saw, but she didn’t run. What a farce, a lie and heartbreak for most of the Shahrukhs in making, who memorized the lyrics whole night and were ready to sing – “Aankhon mein teri, ajab hi ajab si adaayein hain“. She remained elusive amidst her monstrous bouncers and the Shahrukhs were thoroughly disappointed.

Instead of Deepika, I decided to chase one more hero.
“Sir, can I have a photograph with you”?
“Oh sure, why not”. And Prakash Padukone happily posed for the photograph along with me. After the photo shoot, we shook hands and exchanged pleasantries and wished each other goodbye. I have been a sports buff and though I never saw him winning the All England championship, I did read a lot about him in quite a few sports magazines. I have been his fan for his badminton prowess and not for the obvious reasons known to lesser mortals (for begetting Deepika, of course :-))

And that was a lie again.
“Sir, can I have a photograph with you”?
“No. I am leaving now”. Pat came the reply.
But I was determined and decided to chase him through the aisle. I managed to walk along and clicked one, with my left hand in the air. I was careful enough, not to walk very close to him, for he gave me very daunting looks. He obviously looked very peeved with this gesture of mine and would have broken my camera perhaps. So I decided to make a move from patli gali.

Here is one more pic that I clicked on the way. It is the Vidhan Soudha (known as Vidhan Sabha in other states) of Karnataka. I know most of you have hypermetropia, so I would read out the biggest democratic joke written on this building, just below the tricolor. It says – “Government work is God’s work”

vidhan soudha


8 Responses to Final countdown Part 2

  1. Rofl Indian says:

    Pretty laidback kind of jog/joke it looks (the pic):-)

    I once brushed shoulders with Shotgun Rathore; he didn’t refuse a photo shoot. Only that I wasn’t carrying any camera with me then 😦
    I’d love to see the pic you clicked of Sr. Padu-Kaun?

  2. awww. poor u.. No Deepika..
    but no worries dude..Deepika doesn’t know what an opportunity she lost .. lol 😛
    and yeah that biggest democratic joke was realy hilarious.. 😀 😀

  3. Sarsij says:

    haan to ab aagey bhi likh…….Final Countdown ke baad kuch nahin likhegaa kya!

  4. Reva says:

    Prakash who? 🙂 These celebrities!!! You should have told them you were a Page 3 reporter!!! And then the father ad daughter would have put an arm around you and welcomed you.

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