Master of puppets

Ye desh hai veer jawano ka,
albelon ka, mastano ka
is desh ka yaaron kya kehna,
ye desh hai duniya ka gehna

Not sure what Sahir Ludhiaanvi had in his mind when he wrote this song, probably a desh bhakti geet? Or when OP Nayyar was composing the music for this song, they probably thought that this would actually shake the whole nation. Yes, it actually did and is still “shaking” us since last five decades. The other contemporary melodies mellowed down soon, but, none of them ( barring ‘aaj merey yaar ki shaadi hai‘ ) could match the charisma associated with this classic. When other baraat songs were mostly ephemeral and remained seasonal, this Sahir-Nayyar combo remains the hot favorite in any north Indian baraat even after eons.

Recently, I had the privilege of attending one of the Rajasthani wedding where the great “Master band” of Udaipur was called for the baraat. For all those who are unaware of this bliss, I can bet, you too will forget all your salsa classes or those Latino dances or the basic synchronized dancing steps, and would move your bums and dance like weirdos when this song plays. The whole moment is so magical, complete in itself and if you’re on booze, the world sounds so platonic πŸ˜‰

Well the usual tussle between the hyper excited blokes and the band members continued. The band members were pulling the chariot in the forward direction and the baraatis, determined to prove Newton’s third law, pulled it back in the opposite direction. To keep baraat moving with a steady pace, different colored currency notes were flashed. The guys struck a deal. One currency note, and the song would go on and on. By the time the baraat reached the bride’s place, this Ganga-Jamuna masterpiece had completed its sixth iteration πŸ™‚


A happy ending to a great baraat, the baton at bride’s place was passed on to “baharon phool barsao, mera mehboob aaya hai“.


15 Responses to Master of puppets

  1. LMAO .. wht an apt description of the baraat..
    This is the eternal baraat song played across all the hindi speaking states ( who knws may be malyalis,kanads and tamils might hav translated it to suit their tastes lol :P)..

    Hey did that band party had orchestra like in DevD who sang “Emotional atyachaar”??

    • Nishchaya says:

      We didn’t let them play other variety songs πŸ™‚
      Whenever they tried to experiment, they were strictly told to adhere to the basics πŸ˜‰

  2. ~uh~β„’ says:

    Superb post. Whats a marriage if no one gets drunk and dance like there’s no tomorrow? Having stayed in Delhi for few years, I love brass band barats and the mad dancing.
    Brass band is one thing completely Indian like other few unique ingenious stuff.
    Anurag Kashyap was so impressed with [<a href="; this brass band number ] from the movie OM Darbadar, that he created his famous- Emosanal Attyachar in DevD !

  3. ~uh~β„’ says:

    oops! Syntax error above.
    Here’s the [link] for OM Darbadar song, the first original brass band number !

  4. Prats says:

    I know the bands… actually people ask new notes from banks just to throw then in the barats… Lollz nice post…

  5. mayank says:

    well written.. wish it had been a bit longer..bhai how about including the “tussle for grabbing the 10 rupee notes among the bandwallahs” and also-the latest head to head between the dholwallahs and the band-baja party..

  6. I have linked this post of mine on my post related to Ye Desh hai Veer Jawano Ka.. read it here –

  7. LOL! Dancing in the baraat is one of the best experience πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Only dancing during visarjan ( ganpati) beats it!

  8. Pavan Kumar H. says:

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  9. Rofl Indian says:

    Remarkable post Nishchaya. More so because it evoked nostalgic memories of Udaipur where I have spent a good two decades of my life.
    Whereas I find the ebullience remarkably infective, I am also saddened at the plight of small children, some of them aged as little as 6 or 7 years, who are assigned the task of carrying heavy metallic lanterns on their heads on either side of the baraat. These poor kids have no choice but to accompany their labourer parents, also burdened by lanterns and other articles, for the whole stretch of at least a few kilometers which the baraat party covers.

    • Nishchaya says:

      Very well said ROFL Indian. It is indeed ironical that a country like ours, that boasts of being the biggest democracy on earth, still have a very long way to preserve the right against exploitation and actually abolish child labour.

  10. Utk says:

    Just one complain…its a bit short..want to

  11. preety says:

    Had this been a kumaoini wedding, thr wud have anthr hit sure to be played-“ber paakyo baara maas”:))
    well, i miss this band culture in south India, though thankfull at the same time as the traffic here wud have gone berserk…infact the only time that i saw some band baja procession held in this city was twds mortuary…guess thats the way some communitiies here bid farewell to teh loved ones!!

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