Summer of 69

One of my uncle shared his college days memories when he got back from examination hall and his elder brother asked this question:
Q: Exam kaisa hua? (How was the exam?)
A: Arey bhaiji, aata to sab kuch tha exam mein, bas pen hi nahin chala ( I knew all the answers, but the pen didn’t work)
Can you beat that?


7 Responses to Summer of 69

  1. ~uh~™ says:

    Dunno about exams, but I have seen my colleagues avoiding taking notes in a meeting saying, he doesn’t have a pen!

  2. How about..

    Ek dum sahi tha bhai… Phadke rakh diya! Atleast table saaf karne ke toh kaam aana chahiye na ?

  3. kritika says:

    Whr is this Mahatma and whr does he stay? Does he have any other such precious gems of wisdom for lesser mortals like us??

  4. preety says:

    My all time favorite excuse used to be…”syllabus se to aaya hi nahin paper”;)

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