Smells like teen spirit

This post has nothing to do with any of my low cost ‘hawai yatra‘ or my photography skills or about Oracle buying Sun. This is especially about one of the most literary readings that I’ve done in my adolescent days. Something, which still remains close to my heart. Yup, you’ve guessed it right, it is indeed one and the only one – Raj Comics. The profound impact of Raj comics still lingers fresh, when the Nagarajs and the Dhruvs were heroes of every teenager in the Hindi heartland. Well, cartoonist Pran with his chacha chowdhary comics had his share as well, but he soon lost his numero uno position to Raj comics as it targeted the ‘grown up’ guys. Here is the true sample of what I meant with the ‘grown up’ janta and the mass hysteria associated with it. I picked up this pic from one of the groups in orkut – “Raj comics hai mera janoon” (yes, it is janoon and not junoon) where all of us, the like minded buffs, share such great stuff and participate in the literary discussions.

raj comics

And the best part of these “thrill, horror and suspense” comics was the warning associated with it – “Kamjor dil waale is comics ko raat mein na padhein” ;-).


15 Responses to Smells like teen spirit

  1. Gururaj says:

    Strange that i never heard of this one even though i know about Chacha Chowdhury like pretty much every kid who read a bit in India.

  2. shweta says:

    Yeah I too had the privilege of reading the literary miracles-“the bherry bherry phamous”
    Raj comics
    And indeed it was my “janoon”.And I still secretly want my boyfriend to be like “dhruv”..I know I know I’m asking too much from the poor guy..But Ist love.. Sigh! lol..

  3. Nishchaya says:

    Buddy, you belong to the cable tv generation and I belong to the old black and white, DD era. You would have read Archies, tintin, etc. all angreji comics that I never understood 🙂

    hmmm. It was indeed surprising to know that you too have read Raj comics, especially Dhruv 🙂
    It had all scientific and not so scientific concepts of applied physics, chemistry and biology :))

  4. Reva says:

    Hey nishchaya – This is my first time on your blog – 🙂 Nice blog!!!

    Remember Tinkles, Chandamama and Amar Chitra Katha – I so loved them!! 😀

  5. Shweta says:

    Fundoo piece!!
    I also love RajComix k famous super kirdar[s]……still remem those days whn i used to proudly share info tht “Shweta is the name of Dhruv’s sis n shez also supergal”….with my frns who used to listen n thn v carefully discuss the facts abt tht!:)

  6. Quirky Indian says:

    I remember Nagraj…..and Fouladi Singh as well. But I must have had a very sad childhood, considering I never came across classics like Ek Katora Khoon. The artwork’s awesome!


    Quirky Indian

  7. aahang says:

    Well you know by now that our tastes are similar(catcher in the rye) so I have had my tryst with all of the above just like you.
    It is sad that no one has mentioned Rajan Iqbal – remeber Rajan ki motor cycle sadak kaseena cheerti hui chali jaa rahee the tabhee use iqbal ne inspector balbir ka kaam yadd dilaya.
    Wo dono ek haalnuma not hall like haal numa kamare mein pahunche jahaan laal aur neeli raushani failee thee.
    And i was crzy for this kind of stuff – daaktar jaan ne fauladi singh se kahaa ye main nahin mera prakshepan hai aur wo kahin gum ho gaye.Computer bharat ye sab chupchaap dekh rahaa tha.
    No matter my mind got all twisted.

    • Nishchaya says:

      You have a great memory Aahang!! Couldn’t stop laughing like riot when I read that!
      Very well remember Rajan Iqbaal and not to forget lambu motu as well. Lambu – motu was a classic stuff too, their comics like “patthar ki laash”, “vatan ke rakhwaale” all achieved cult status :))
      Not sure if you remember tauji comics. Tauji aur marghat ki rani was a class apart, jisme ki rumjhum gayab ho jaata hai aur tauji apni sammohan vidya se usko vaapas laatey hain. what great days!!
      You pointed out very well, it was always haal and never hall. ten ten tenein 😉

  8. ~uh~™ says:

    Unfortunately Raj comics were not published in Bangla language, so had to satisfy myself with Chandmama, Amar Chitrakatha and Indrajaal Comics. Remember Bahadur ?
    All these comics has a cult following.
    The picture is an unique example of pop-violent art. They don’t make these artist no more!
    Refreshing post!

    • Nishchaya says:

      I have not read much of Amar chitra katha, but have read quite a lot of chandamama. Vikrat betaal was one regular feature on that and I enjoyed it to the hilt. And indrajaal was great too. Phanton in hindi was known as “chalta firta pret” (moving ghost) and not to forget the mandrake comics with his aide Lothaar. I am getting emotional now 😉

  9. My comics book fetish was frozen to chandamama and tinkle

    All I can recall is poor suppandi.. I loved him 😀

  10. Nishchaya says:

    yeah, Suppandi – the guy with that long nose was so hilarious.

  11. kritika says:

    while i do agree that Raj Comics were a league of their own… my personal favourite was Chacha Choudhary and in every story the assumed to be mind numbingly dumb reader had to be reminded, “Chacha Choudhary ka dimaag computer se bhi tej chalta hai.”

    Sabu was Hot tho. 🙂

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