Winds of Change

June 5, 2007

The other day, I had a tele conference with one of my manager in the US and though the call lasted for around 12 minutes, every minute seemed like an hour. I had a pretty tough time during the call and my ineptitude with the firang accent was shamefully exposed. I thought, probably watching Hollywood movies would’ve helped. (Though, I do see few movies at times, but, either they’re all Spiderman types where there isn’t much to understand and a bit of guesswork solves my purpose or they’re all Jurassic Park types, where dialogues hardly make any difference 😉 )

Yes, this wasn’t the only challenge in the new organization. Dress code – Business formals, Monday through Thursday. It was going to be one BIG change in my life. It meant that I’d have the same dumb look everyday and all my loose pair of jeans or rock band t-shirts will have to wait for their turn till Friday. It wasn’t much of a sacrifice, I thought. But, polishing my shoe on all weekdays was indeed a scary stuff 😦

I looked down at my shoe and tried to figure out the original color of the leather. The shoelace looked like an extremely dirty, worn out thread. Yeah, it looked so horrible that there wasn’t any trace of the original color. I could hardly recollect the last time I had polished my shoe. Was it months, or a year or ages? The work on the leather resembled some modern art, which could have surely given an inferiority complex to M F Hussain. (To me, any painting that looks irrelevant, spoilt, alien or anything that is beyond the understanding of a normal human is probably termed as modern art 🙂 ) The new off white dusty color indicated that I had only two options in hand. The first option – neither Cherry Blossom nor a brush would cost much, but it would take a Herculean effort to polish it up to give it some “respectable appearance”. And the second option? Yes, a more feasible one for a lazy and inveterate procrastinator like me was to put it into the closed confines of the BMC garbage, where it could rest in peace forever.

But, sentiments prevailed, emotions ran high, and I decided that my pair of leather does not deserve a BMC farewell yet, where it could easily become a potential victim of the omnipresent Bangalorean stray dog and would eventually have the same fate as my pairs of Bata floaters that were once torn to pieces by these merciless hounds. (Yes, they are the same set of creatures that instead of “guarding” my locality prefer to chase me every night, but are thankfully beaten by the pace of my 150cc bike and almost everyday, I salute Honda for giving me a new life 🙂 )

Notwithstanding my aversion for that pungent smell of nitrobenzene, (Yes, I could still recollect the composition of a shoe polish, even after those horrible scores in Chemistry and equally proud performances in labs, where we smelled almost everything, right from chloroform to rotten eggs 😉 ) I picked up the brush and after a gallant effort of almost an hour, transformed my pair of leather to a “divine state” where it would give me a pseudo look of a true professional.

Yes, I eventually realized that change is an inevitable part of everyone’s life and I was no exception.