Stairway to heaven…

“Boy, I hadn’t had a skateboard in my hand for years. I didn’t feel funny, though. You could put a skateboard in my hand fifty years from now, in pitch dark, and I’d still know what it is.”
– J D Salinger in ‘The Catcher in the Rye’

True, indeed. To me, a skateboard was always an elusive alien thing in childhood. Leave aside touching it, I had never ever heard of a skateboard in those days. But, like any other child, being brought up in a typical non-metropolitan background, there were lots of things that I craved for and had an intense insatiable desire to fulfill the same.

Yes, this list was endless – Right from playing cards ( as per few elders, it could spoil a child ) to stainless steel blades or a pair of scissors ( cutting anything on the way was extremely exciting as it provided a satisfaction of being a skilled craftsman 🙂 ), a chocolate called “Fudgy” (not for its taste, but for the free He-Man stickers that came along with it) and things like catapult (considered dangerous for the reasons unknown to me or probably because of the fact that we once practiced our shooting skills on a beehive 😉 ), and millions of other things that could easily excite a non city slicker boy.

But, I too had my share of things that I proudly possessed. Starting from things like old torch batteries, colored marbles, matchbox covers, scented rubbers (I never knew they were called erasers, a word that I never heard of), pencil “cutters” (Pencil sharpener was too difficult to pronounce), a thousand fountain pens (most of which were useless with broken nibs), colored goggles (beautifully done with rubber-bands and red cellophane paper), broken magnets to pick “interesting” stuff from roadside, a cheap digital watch that never displayed correct time, a spider man dress (Believe me, it was better than what Toby Maguire wore in Spiderman I), an old magnifying glass (I used it proudly to demonstrate the effects of solar energy by burning newspapers, match sticks and people’s palms 😉 ), a vicks inhaler with a key-ring attached to it, an old disposable syringe that was mostly used to intimidate small kids and lots of other junkyard stuff like inflatable tires or just iron wheel rims on which I mastered all practical aspects of rotational physics in the scorching heat of June.

I still remember those days when I scrimped and saved money to buy a silver colored pistol and a small spring game that was a proud addition to my never ending unique collections. I got them from the famous “Jhandey ka mela”, an annual fair (where I puked after having a roller coaster ride in that ugly giant wheel) that takes place during Holi in Dehradun. I loved that fair where I won lots of “Wheel” washing cakes in the game of Hoopla. It gave me a great sense of achievement.

Though it looks like a phantasmagoria to me now, but it was indeed an ingenuous hedonism of childhood. It crept into my nerves and the sheer joy associated with those proud possessions made me the strongest contender for the happiest person on earth.


16 Responses to Stairway to heaven…

  1. Manjul says:

    Nischaya ..Its really tooooooooo great..
    You a long back after leaving thbs…I read and feel that king of innocent true …and direct from heart feelings.
    Otherwise see in your surrounding world is getting layer by cosmetics.
    Its there in every ones heart more or less ….but people are admirable how really put these thoughts on a canvas.

  2. s@t@n says:

    dude .. awesum i must say .. the pen style is wat matters the most and i must congratulate you as you have one of the very heady mix of wit and humour mixes in ur post … again a true rollercoaster into childhood and i too was able to identify myself some where in the shiv mela (as there wasnt any Jhade ka mela in my hometown) .. lukin and collectin stuff galore …

    keep writin .. ciao ATB

  3. Rajni says:

    Hi Nischaya,

    Indeed a very gud article…
    Took me back to my childhood..
    Thanks buddy…

    Take care

  4. Nishu yaar…..while reading the page, I could draw a parallel with Swami’s days [from RK Narayanan’s stories].
    If you take my suggestion, start working on your own story….write something and get it published when you have a thick compliation. I can assure you that I will sell its 1000 copy on the 1st day of its release……

    Before I finish………I will again remind you that you are a natural writer, and I just wish to get the same kind of accent while writing things.
    Keep the good work going.

  5. Akansha says:

    Man…u r simply too good !!!
    I was continously smiling when I was reading the blog
    as it took me back to my childhood days ,where life use to
    be so simple n full of fun…….well apart from the spider man
    dress (he he) it seem to be total narration of my childhood days..:)

    Excellent work keep me updated wid ur new entries…

  6. himanshu says:

    hi nishu
    yaar tu to ek dum alag type ka aadmi ho gaya bhai. but i swear , i think i need to learn a lot from you. soch raha hoon main bhi blogging shuru kar doon.

  7. Gururaj says:

    its a very well written blog, touches my heart for sure and you are inspirational for me because i am planning to start a blog soon after reading this.

  8. Awesome Nishchay. There is surely a writer in you trying to come out, let it be 🙂 and let the world know. It brings back the nostalgia and a sorry feeling for the present generation who wont be ever able to feel the kind of joy we had in those small affairs… i wish we cud somehow invent a time machine to take us back in those lovely days just for a day :)… as i know you only a jamin se juda hua admi can know the value those inflatable tires, empty mini bottles of cyrups, chharre wali pistaul, phunk mar bumbs, rangin panni wale chashme, churan ki goli and lots more… surprisingly not seen in the present times :(…i wish i cud get a chance this year to visit out jhande ka mela :D, keep it up buddy…

  9. Correction:

  10. Why dontr you write something about our famous Dhanolti trip Nishchay… remember it was so memorable…

  11. Nitin says:

    bhai.. tu toh sach mai kuch badala badala lag raha hai apney blogs mai… hope mr walsh get to see this.. m sure he wud be more than happy .. you have picked up the style f blogging really well !!


  12. Neha says:

    very well writen Nishchay…. i got really confused as to whose childhood experiences u hav jotted down…strange bt it is very much close to my personal childhood accounts…hey this is probably the last blog which i am reading on thbs account… send ur blogs to me at ……. wish u al the very best in life….keep writing …..

  13. Ranjeeth says:

    Dude, looks like I was right in catching your writing talent very early. I can see that the results are too good to be true. I will be happy to travel with you in this journey, and on the way maybe discover my own writing skills…

  14. MITHUN says:

    Man you rock!! I hv been googling for two days in a row looking for the name of this chocolate which came with free stickers of He Man characters. I remember buying loads of them just so I could collect as many stickers as I could. Finally found it on your blog!! Phew, now I can sleep peacefully.
    I haven’t had a chance to read your entire blog on nostalgia but will do one day! Those were the days…..miss my childhood days.

  15. Nishant - Nishu says:

    Fudgy – was my childhood passion too. As soon as the her salary was encashed, my aunt would give me 5Rs every month, just so I could buy this chocolate, and get my favourite stickers. And we had this mean shop keeper who wouldnt let you choose your stickers. Us (friends) use to end up exchanging the multiple ones, to spread out our collection.

  16. Slant33 says:

    Don’t force your mind alerting ingenuity into 2 cents worth of confrontation. Smoke a
    bowl instead (:

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