Nostalgia Part 2

The other day, I came across a community in orkut called “Pen Phirvaiya”, a community of interest to those people who like spinning pens between their fingers. I am not very sure if you are one of those lucky souls who have ever tried the same, but it gives extreme pleasure to all those, who have mastered this great act that is a perfect example for demonstrating Newton’s second law (Yes, it is f=ma). And not to boast of my own rotating skills though, I too feel privileged to be a member of the same class.

“Everyone has a right to be stupid. Some just abuse the privileges.” This is what my Physics teacher Mr. D N Sharma (popularly known as Dinu) used to quote. This was in context to the art of spinning pens that most of the guys had proudly inherited from their seniors. Though it defied no laws of theoretical physics, Dinu, a character with those grass cut spiky hair, unfortunately, was our class teacher and was always irritated to see guys displaying their spinning prowess inside the classroom.

It all started with the so-called “innovative acts” from one of our seniors and in due course of time, this great art of spinning was customarily passed on to us. I must admit though, initially it required hell lot of efforts, just to do the balancing acts. Sometimes, our mentors took special “sessions” near to the basketball court to teach us the finesse associated with this art, especially in terms of hand positioning and the amount of force being applied at a particular angle. And like a devoted pupil, we all listened and watched with complete dedication and practiced it with utmost sincerity. Boy! That was the only time in my life; I took my practical so seriously. We started with Reynolds 045 pen, experimented with few others, slowly graduated to Rotomac pen (of the Ravina Tandon’s “likhtey likhtey love ho jaaye” fame. God!! She looked gorgeous in that ad) till we discovered lightweight Stic pens that culminated our search for a perfect shaped pen. And then, it all started – the record-breaking feats (which was of much faster pace than even the Olympics) for maximum number of spins, without dropping the pen even once. I myself practiced it for several days for I dreamt of spinning it till eternity.

I still remember an exasperated Dinu, on a mission to stop this epidemic, carrying a long meter rule and hitting us on our knuckles whenever he saw us showcasing these skills. But for the poor soul, it turned out to be an exercise in futility. The harder he tried to stop it; more it got spread like dengue and malaria. And for us, it soon became an obsession, a style statement that was extremely gratifying. Later on, I could spin almost anything that was lateral in shape. It included long chalk pieces, dusters, keys, nail cutters, light weight pencil boxes and even vegetables like carrots 😉

We are never too old to learn something stupid. Isn’t it true? I wish I could learn much more, for people like me enjoy such activities to the core.


7 Responses to Nostalgia Part 2

  1. Utkarsh says:

    It seemed like a virtual movie for me in my mind as i read the details.Nicely done !! Vaise is par picture kab banegi. 🙂

  2. shweta says:

    Kudos Nischaya , you seem to be doing a fine job with your “elite” blogism or shud i say bolgiri 🙂 .i was pleasantly surprised by the fact that my hard work in learning how to ‘phirao a pen’ has not gone entirely waste…there are indeed people out there who i cud connect to on these grounds, and no sooner than we can imagine our sports might turn into a national event 😉

  3. shweta says:

    sorry i misspelled ‘blogiri’ as ‘bolgiri’ 😦

  4. Neha says:

    Honestly its a pleasant surprise to know that pen phirvaiya is so popular,i also tried it in the college…..literally used to have competitions but i alwayz lost it……not because i was bad at it……it was a case of ‘Match Fixing’.Now i have come out of all this……thanx for reminding it of…..long live blogiri ( as shweta says)…..keep writing

  5. Sarsij says:

    true…..we are never too old to learn something stupid………

    I too belong to this lucky category of people……..but guess not as good as you are……

    Anyways….keep the good work going……its getting better and better.

    Would suggest that you start displaying Google Ads………

  6. Preety says:

    Hey Nischay, though i dont know u, (i got into this page automatically from Himanshu’s webpage), am not quite a writer or anything…so let me tell u in plain simple language..i just loved reading what you’ve written, u can connect to the masses because i feel at some or the other point we have all gone thru such weird experiences…but have not been able to put down our thots so clearly and in a hilarious manner to mention!i have had travelled thru Karnatka and have also had nasty experiences frm those eucnucs who jsut barge in from i dont know where….but man i dont have the guts and skills to portray the expereince the way you did, made me have a hearty laugh for sure, thanks for doing that becuase a good hearty laugh is becoming one precious thing in the fast pace lives that we ladies live finding the right balance between our work and personal lives! so Kudos! and keep writing, i enjoyed it a lot, and trsut me my chilhood posessions weren’t as great as yours….i hardly remember any of those infact, just a couple of toys here and there..and hey used to love jhande ka mela for sure as it always gave us a chance to ask for a toy or a ride at the same ugly giant wheel u spoke abt…totally related to your story!thanks man for reminding me of my chilhood days.

  7. Preety says:

    Nishay its amazing that after readng couple of your thots i shut dwn my comp, as had to the cooking(i do that everyday for my family, which includes me , my hubby a nd my 3 yr old son), but that smile dint leava me, so here i am reading it all…trust me how do u guys(who all do this bloging stuff) get so expressive, i can for sure do the talking in terms of expressing with a short of words here and there but just cant write all of it …too gud! and u know what, being a girl though i too tried this rotation of pens…..but gave it up too soon as i cldn’t master the art of it….but what impressed me more was to break the cap of reynold pen into two, the cap and the holder….it wud be wierd if u happen to mention a community formed for that one too………its cool that u guys derive pleasure out of these small, not so important, and nothing to be boasted abt stuff at school also….am already becoming a fan of your writing, keep me posted on next one!

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