Nostalgia Part 1

Last month, I read an article in a popular travel magazine and I was completely smitten by the same. It was an entertaining anecdote by an Indian writer, who had traveled to the North Pole sometime during 1980s. She wrote about the Eskimos, their families, their lifestyles, and the much-talked igloos. Nostalgia gripped me at once and took me back to my school days when I was a geography student. My only exposure to the two of the most intriguing species in my geography books– The Eskimos and the pygmies, was confined only to our classroom. They always remained an enigma to poor students and I always compared them with the aliens – short and stout people, indulged in falconry and reindeer hunting. And now, after seeing the photograph of an Eskimo mother along with her child, I was left bewildered. They looked so human, just like us, and it took a while for me to digest this fact. If there were a prize for general knowledge, I could have bagged one for sure.

Keep your mouth shut and people will think you stupid;
Open it and you remove all doubts.
– Anonymous


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